Super Mario Wedding Ring Box Makes Proposing Easy

They say that all marriages are made in heaven and some of us beg to differ. Nevertheless, those who still look at marriages from rose tinted glasses can take a look at this box of Mario Wedding Rings.

It was made by a lady for her boyfriend in order to propose marriage to him. The box consists of two rings, one for herself and one for her boyfriend. Enclosed in a yellow box, the shiny white rings gleam across messages that ask the groom if he wants to be Player Two.

Though sometimes it may seem sappy when we come across stuff like this, we must admit that they do bring happiness to many people. Those who are about to get married and are big fans of video games can think of box packages like this. I am sure the groom or the bride would be more than happy to accept the proposal if they are video game fans as well.

If you are soembody who used one of these geeky props to propose, do let us know in the comments section below what your experience was like. You might aklso want to take a look at Super Mario Wedding Invitations that we had featured sometime ago. If these two don’t suffice, go ahead and get one of these delicious Super Mario Cakes.