Silent Hill: Revelation 3d Trailer Arrives

Years after the first Silent Hill movie, we finally get a sequel, and by the look of this trailer, we’re in for quite a ride.


The second Silent Hill movie will be out around Halloween later this year, and will loosely adapt the plot of Silent Hill 3. We hope it does as good of a job pleasing fans as the first movie did, where the liberties the team took were all in the spirit of enhancing the movie experience without really destroying the game’s feel and mood. Frankly, if every movie took an approach like that, we’d have better movies based on video games. Anyways, without further intro, here’s the trailer, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

So, it turns out Sean Bean is going to be in this movie. We’re already taking bets to see how much movie time it takes it for him to die in this one. We love you, Mr. Bean, but please, start picking roles where your character isn’t horribly killed after you become our favorite character.

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