Laser Powered Bike Lane Gadget May Help Save Lives

While cycling is great for health, it is not the safest thing to do on busy roads.

bike lane gadget 1

Back in those days, one could cycle for miles without encountering a car or a truck but it is now a fatal mistake to cycle along even country roads, for you never know when you are going to get knocked down by a speeding vehicle. This situation might soon change if you go ahead and get yourself laser powered virtual bike lane gadget that tells other drivers that you are cycling along on the same road. The device can be fit to an existing bicycle and it creates laser powered glowing lines to demarcate space which is safe for a cyclist to pedal along.

bike lane gadget 2


The tiny device is the same size that of a pack of cards and can be mounted to the rider’s saddle post. The line is visible under streetlights and headlights of vehicles and will indicate other drivers and motorists that a cyclist is nearby. It also helps them to stay at a safe distance from cyclists in the middle of the night or at the break of dawn when the visibility is still very low.

bike lane gadget 3


The Cyclist’s Virtual Safety Lane is packed in a shock-resistant weatherproof polycarbonate body. It runs on AAA batteries and the blinking LEDs also help in creating an additional visual cue for drivers alongside laser lines. The device costs $40 and is available at Hammacher Schlemmer. However, I think it is still a bad idea to cycle on busy roads, considering the number of traffic related incidents that have begun to take place lately.

bike lane gadget 4


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