Food Art Seems to Depict Sustainable Urban Architecture

Apart from water and air, we need food to sustain ourselves and every city needs clean air, water and access to hygienic and organic food.

petter johansson atelier food 1

Most of our cities lack clean air and water but thanks to a growing awareness about the importance of organic food when compared with big farm produce, there are a number of stores that offer good organic grocery. Stockholm-based art director Petter Johansson has created a diorama of sorts or in other words, an architectural blueprint for a sustainable city all made with various food products.

petter johansson atelier food 2


Petter used Swedish food lab Atelier Food’s products to create the architectural blueprint, all the while using great meats, cheeses, breads and vegetables. The chosen foods were all in geometric shapes and they almost look playful, when you observe closely.

petter johansson atelier food 3


The project emphasizes the importance of food in meeting global challenges in the future and it seeks to initiate dialogues and thinking in the direction of cooking, food labs and related discussions. Moreover, Atelier Food and Petter Johansson seem to be concerned with sustainability of our cities, energy, culture, transportation and urban development.

petter johansson atelier food 4


All these factors of a sustainable lifestyle can be incorporated when healthful and organic foods are available at affordable costs. For me, this architectural blueprint of a city in food products stands for the importance of foods and organic industry in general, for our own survival and our society’s sustainability.

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