Indoor Fireworks & More Explosive Projectors

Happy Fourth of July from the Walyou Team. Last year, we brought you 19 top grill designs and bbq gadgets for your summer holiday cookout. This year, we have some sweet led light projectors, including an indoor fireworks projector, that’ll save you the trouble of getting devoured by mosquitoes and a kink in your neck.

Fireworks Projector

Brought to us from Japan, the Sega Indoor Firework Projector allows you to enjoy the explosive spectacular in your home … and without anyone singeing their hands while at it. The projector comes with seven different settings, so you can program just what kind of show you’re going to put on for the family and friends. The projector only costs $119.95 at Amazon and you’ll be helping save green in two ways: for nature and for your community’s collective pocketbook. There’s also a Disney Lightshow edition and a special occasions fireworks edition.

Think that these explosive pyrotechnics are only for Independence Day? The Irish beg to differ on Halloween, the British light up the skies on Guy Fawke’s night, Diwali in India features awe-inspiring displays, weddings in the Middle East favor a colorfully lit sky and the Japanese celebrate with fireworks nearly every day in all of their towns around the country.


The Laserpod shoots up either supernovas or galaxies into your own personal night sky. In the attempt to give a lil love to my fellow Americans today, I’ve done it yet again and found another cool product that was created in a country we were once at war with; but we’ve gotta give Chris Levine of the UK a little love for throwing us into a modern techno-psychedelic frenzy with this awesome laser projector. You can find it at ThinkGeek starting at $69.99.

Laser Stars Projector

Zoom off into the Milky Way in beyond without ever having to leave your  humble abode here on gravity-occupied Earth. The Laser Stars Projector turns any room into an awesome galaxy, full of ultra-violet blue clouds cluttered by green ‘stars.’ So, no need to drive up to Lover’s Lane when you can have a fantastic night sky display and canoodle with your date on the couch (tons more comfortable than a bug-filled, shivering cold hilltop). Grab one over at ThinkGeek for $169.99 (sale price).

Green Club Laser

Instantly turn your place out in the middle-of-nowhere Ohio into a hip Eastern European techno club. The green Club Laser, made by the folks at Texas-based Extreme Lasers, will thrust you into a cloud of light. With multiple settings, 8 different laser launch points and sound activation (meaning it moves/works with the music), all you need to do is add the Psytrance (or whatever it is you listen to) and enjoy. Find it at Amazon for $279.99 (a.k.a. 3 nights out on the cheap).

No matter which way you go, these laser light projectors are sure to be a hit. Have a fun and safe 4th of July!