Get the Perfect Shoot with a Duopod

We have all gone through situations when the video shoot is marred by unintentional shakes. It is a very natural phenomenon for something mounted on one’s shoulders to shake a bit but that does lead to not minor but significant mistakes. Well, this could now be a thing of the past with the coming of the Duopod.

The Duopod is a multi-functionality camera mount that promises to give you a stable and perfect camera shoot. This camera mount has been designed by Ben Millet as a part of his degree project. The product has been designed with two basic functions in mind – adaptability and multi-functionality. As every DSLR camera user will agree these two functions are imperative for any good quality camera shoot. So what could be more welcoming than a Duopod for a camera person?

Take a look at the range of adaptability and functionality that it offers and you will be too excited to get one. To begin, it is a completely collapsible mount that can be easily taken places. The moment the need arises all you need to do is unpack it and arrange it in the desired position. Since it’s got an adaptable design you can use for uses more than once. When you need to place it on the ground and want it to have a firm base, there is complete guarantee that your requirements will be met. The rubber feet provide a firm grip while steel weights offer a counterbalancing functionality. It almost looks like two legs firmly holding on the ground. Not only do you get a perfect shoot but also get assurance of your camera’s safety.

Video shoots can take you places and you may be on the move recording your stuff. In such situations your camera is most likely to show movement, but you would definitely like to keep this to the minimum. A shaky picture is a little disturbing to the eye, unless you really want it to be shaky. The shoulder and chest mounting functionality offers great help here. Most of the times we have seen cameras mounted on only one shoulder which is neither comfortable for the camera person nor does it give a quality shoot. With the Duopod your camera is solidly placed on both shoulders giving you the ideal result that you desire for. The Gimbal mounted handle is of great help here.

Millet has also designed a product named Talon which goes along with the Duopod as an accessory. This offers you an accessory mount which has a video grip and an ipad/laptop stand.

Paired up with the Talon the Duopod is sure to make a great combination, but even on its own it is one of the most useful and desirable devices a camera person would require.

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