LED Table Creates a “Circle of Life”

I love furniture that looks modern, and it can be further improved adding LEDs. If you’re a fan of LEDs like I am, then the new Arbonata Light Table is just for you.

From designer Nkcharms, the Arbonata Light Table is something new on the market, letting customers buy a table featuring the design of a tree on it that utilizes 1,700 LEDs to shine through the surface of the table.

As the Designer, Dennis Vetu, says, “This tree once more comes to life to be immortalized and imprinted in its material objectification. The tree becomes wood, [which] becomes light, a metaphor for the circle of life itself,” and it is truly magnificent to see this odd circle  of life embedded into this table. The LEDs really add another level of desire to this table, making it also compelling to look at. This new, modern look certainly will catch the eye of anyone passing by.

The table comes in a black (which is really has more of a Mahogany look to it) or bamboo, and has a very sleek look to it. Both of the designs are wonderful to look at, and the designer also notes that this is only two potential designs, and that customers can contact them to have their own table designed. This is certainly something that can be designed into so many creative displays of art.

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