Arduino-powered LED Matrix Glasses

They say sunglasses can change the way a person is perceived. Sunglasses are also the best way to express one’s personality and if you are a geek who likes Matrix, you might probably like the LED Matrix Glasses.

Garrett Mace was found wearing these really weird LED Matrix Glasses at the Maker Faire. The shades are a 20×6 matrix and can be used with an Arduino.

The Lithium-Polymer battery is placed on the left temple. The glasses can be charged via USB and using the same connection, new codes can be downloaded. The LED lights move in certain patterns and you could switch between auto cycling animated pattern and different modes. These glasses will help you grab all the attention that you ever wanted in a geek overrun party.

Perhaps, it is also the best way to get people speaking to you if you are an introvert and always required some sort of prop to help you start or sustain conversations with other people. Only, don’t expect people to think that you have a good sense of fashion if you plan to wear these glasses to the high street. You could also go ahead and take a look at these Steampunk 3D Glasses and Magic Emotions Eyeglasses that we had featured some time ago.