Woman Strums Her Commodore 64 Keytar on Skates

If you thought Commodore 64 was an ancient relic from the 1980s, you might probably be correct. However, that didn’t stop this resourceful and talented woman to turn a Commodore 64 keyboard into a ‘Keytar’.

At the Maker Faire, Jeri Ellsworth was seen strumming her strange looking instrument while skating on roller blades all along. Her talents are not only limited to designing and creating but extend to balancing her feet on roller skates and strumming the Keytar at the same time.

If she held an electric guitar ever, I am sure she can compete with some of the most talented guitarists around. However, there is no video available that would tell help us listen to what she is playing. The Keytar mod itself looks rather awesome and makes most modders and makers to go ahead and mod a keyboard to look like a guitar.

I guess there is nothing better than being able to make music, make products and designs and also look cool while doing so. Jeri manages to do all that at the same time. You could also go ahead and take a look at the 23 Guitar Mods we had listed. The NES Guitar Mod is yet another cool design that we had featured earlier.