3D Goggles in True Steampunk Style

Although we love 3D movies, we always thought the 3D goggles made us look like dorks. But now we can finally… fix that? Yeah, consider it fixed!

3D Steampunk Goggles

We’re huge fans of the steampunk aesthetics (you know, combining past and future, Victorian looks and steam-operated machinery with current gadgets) , and when we saw Etsy user Will Rockwell had committed enough as to create a pair of googles that look more fitting to soar the skies with a zeppelin than to sit at home, in front of our biggest 3d TV and watch a movie, we knew we were in front of something special.

3D Steampunk Goggles 2

The author explains on the product page that this accesory is made with actual 3D lenses, and will work in movie theaters. They should be particularly comfortable to wear as they come with soft leather padding around the eye cups, and best of all, don’t really touch your nose. The metal used is actually brass, while the strap (which can be regulated and is pretty long, so it could be worn with hats or helmets) is black leather for full authenticity.

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