Full-Sized LEGO Hylian Shield From Twilight Princess

What’s so legendary about this shield? It’s awesomely made entirely out of LEGOs.

LEGO The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess sheild by Bolt of Blue image 1

LEGOs and The Legend of Zelda, two great tastes that now go Tony the Tiger’ grrrrreat! together thanks to LEGO enthusiasts and extraordinary builders Alyse and Remi – hacker alias Bolt of Blue on Flickr – who’ve meticulously pieced together brick by brick a full-sized replica of Links’s shield from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Just how many LEGO pieces are in this great-looking bad boy that I want soooo badly more than life itself? A lot. Yes, I know, not a real number – I couldn’t find official numbers sadly – but going solely on eyesight, that certainly has to be more plastic bricks than your standard medium-sized LEGO set.

LEGO The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess sheild by Bolt of Blue image 2

Not only that my friends, but narrow your gaze at all the different types of LEGO blocks used by the brick-laying pair. The center design of Link’s shield is a kooky assembly of randomly themed-LEGO sets, i.e. the head of a dragon, parts of several futuristic vehicles, and if you peer into the wings with sharp attention, a crab. I don’t know why I found that funny, but I do.

Truly, a creative masterpiece which no doubt took a whole lot of time and effort to build – geeze, a LEGO project of that size had to take more than a week – and one that you absolutely must see in person if you’re visiting Brickcon 2012 this weekend in Seattle, Washington.

Brickcon is currently one of the longest-running fan-based LEGO conventions around and is a paradise for LEGO lovers near and far. So do me a solid will you and if you do happen to be dropping by or live close, check out the convention if possible – oh, and Alyse &Remi’s LEGO Zelda shield. It will be there for show, too.

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