Lego Sliding Block Puzzle Creates Some Solo Fun

Sometimes, I’ll admit I just don’t get it. While my wife loves mind teasers and puzzle games such as the Professor Layton series for the Gameboy, I still haven’t really picked up on puzzle mania. This Lego sliding block “15” puzzle, however, seems to tap into that niche quite nicely. The video shows how to construct one of your very own as well as how to solve it. How fast can you put it together?

Legos have long been the building blocks of the imagination, but this puzzle certainly appears to be very Rubik’s cube-esque. The fact that you have to build it yourself and then solve the puzzle adds an additional layer of fun, and I am sure you could come up with a number of variations on the game as well. I also like the fact that the creatorput together the perfect puzzle-solving music. Seriously, I am not that much of a puzzle fan, but that music makes me want to pick up a game of Tetris, at least. Ok, so maybe that doesn’t count as a “puzzle game” but it is the closest I get to the genre, so work with me here.

If puzzles aren’t up your alley, you can still have plenty of lego fun here on Walyou. For fans of Conan and his popular late night talk show on TBS, you can check out the Conan Lego sculpture. Chuck Norris can’t seem to get any more awesome than he already is, but you can capture some of his badass spirit with this Chuck Norris lego cubedude. Under his lego-like beard, there is only another fist. I’m sorry, I really could not resist cracking at least one Chuck Norris joke. I know they’re awful, but you just have to brush them off with a solid sense of humor.

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