Self Destruction Rings

In case you are looking for some crazy rings to help someone blow their fingers off, then these Self Destruction rings could do the trick, that is, if you can trick someone into wearing them.

Note: We do not condone the use of these rings and also said WTF when we saw the video below.

Designed by Insignificant Fish, these crazy ring designs could literally blow someone’s finger off and would definitely put an end to an engagement. Created with a compartment for a bullet, they would go off on the wearer’s finger if they are struck strong enough.

self destruction bullet ring design

If you are looking for other Bullet inspired designs that are just as crazy but will not be as disastrous, then you should definitely check out the 21 Bullet Themed Gadgets, the Steel and Bullet Chess Set or the Super Mario Bros Bullet Art.

self destruction bullet ring

Via: Geekologie