LEGO Fish Tank Puts Your Creativity to a Test

Conventional fishtanks are quite dull, especially if you don’t put any plants in them, to prevent the fish from dying of boredom. Fishspace, on the other hand, allows you to build in it, under it and around it, using just plastic LEGO bricks.

Adults are known to play with LEGO bricks, too, but this LEGO fish tank is actually intended for kids. They already love these plastic construction blocks, but the Fishspace tank would bring purpose to their lives. You could tell them that the fish needs a new home each day, in order to survive. That might be a bit cruel, on your behalf, but nothing makes people more productive than the fear of loss.

Below you can see how the Fishspace looks like when delivered. Obviously, you will have to provide the rest of the LEGO bricks. The above image, on the other hand, depicts a cat watching its dinner parading through a LEGO castle that the kids built inside the fish tank.

The only limit kids have when building LEGO constructions in, below and around the fish tank is the number of LEGO bricks you bought them. Greg Towndrow, the developer of the Fishspace LEGO tank, claims that fish thrive in a stimulating, colorful environment. Because of this, you probably shouldn’t stick to LEGO bricks of a single color.

With 2 gallons in size, the Fishspace is supposedly the largest fish tank you could get at this price point. Since the tank is so roomy, there will be plenty of space not only for the fish, but also for LEGO buildings that are submerged under water.

The Fishspace tank is currently featured on Kickstarter, where its developers hope to raise $15,000 CAD, so that the LEGO fish tank enters mass production. People who back the project with more than $40 CAD on Kickstarter secure their own Fishspace LEGO tank, provided that the entire sum is raised. The only problem is that the price almost doubles when international shipping is added.

Even if the project gets funded in the next 32 days, backers will have to wait till January 2014 to get the LEGO fish tank they paid for. I’m not sure about the chances of this project, but I have to admit that the idea is not bad at all. I guess it’s better to have your kids building LEGO structures than playing video games all day long.

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