14 Superheroes in Their Lego Form

Everyone knows that good things come in small packages, and Lego has always delivered the goods as far as we remember. Even with Superheroes, the rules never change, and it seems they look much cooler in their mini-versions.

Superman / Clark Kent


Batman / Bruce Wayne

Lego Batman

Spider-Man / Peter Parker


Wolverine / Logan


Wonder Woman / Diana Prince

Lego Wonder Woman

Captain America / Steve Rogers

Lego Captain America

Green Lantern / Hal Jordan

Lego Green Lantern

The Flash / Barry Allen

Flash Lego

The Incredible Hulk / Bruce Banner

Lego hulk

Daredevil / Matt Murdock

Lego Daredevil

Nightwing & Robin / Dick Grayson

Lego Nightwing

Lego Iron Man / Tony Stark

Lego Iron Man

Dark Phoenix / Jean Grey

Lego Jean Grey

Thor Odinson / Donald Blake


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