15 Uber Cool Lego Vehicles

Love for Lego is universal. No matter where you are, the attachable Lego pieces must have been an ultimate source of joy during your childhood. Everything can be broken down into inspiration for Legos, including the vehicles you drive everyday. Below is the list of 15 ultra cool vehicles that were inspired by Legos: bikes, cars, trucks and even ships.

Lego Ferrari 250 GTO


No guy in a proper mind would say no to such a fiery race car as Ferrari 250 GTO, and no geek in his proper mind would not like such a wonderful creation: a Lego version of this beautiful car. LEGO Technic, its creation, has replicated the V12 along with a 3 speed gearbox. It even has a fully functioning steering wheel and genuine suspension traits.

Giant Lego Ferrari


Made of 80,000 Lego pieces, the giant Lego Ferrari is a masterpiece that combines the fun of Lego, the talent of the creator and the superiority of the car. The car comes with two giant replicas of the Lego figurines as drivers.

Lego Lamborghini


Established with the sole objective of producing a refined grand touring car to compete with marques like Ferrari, Lamborghini can’t be missed out in any game that Ferrari joins in, even in this Lego game. The Lego Lamborghini is one of the most beautiful Lego sets you have ever seen.  Made to 1:17 scale, the model has enough pieces to create a Coupe or Spyder.

Giant Lego BMW X1


Via: Model Building Secrets

Kids are the ultimate Lego players. 800 kids aged between 5 and 13 years old teamed up to build a full-size replica of a yellow BMW X1 during their visit to BMW Welt in Munich. The project took four days to complete and consists of approximately 165,000 LEGO bricks.

Lego Indy Car


Via: VIB

As part of a promotion, the Target Store in the US  had a life size LEGO Indy car on display with a standard “Guess how many bricks” contest. Almost everything is made from Lego, except the torsion bars that are metal, and the tires that are real Firestones.

Lego Volvo


Via: Model Building Secrets

If you are more of the standard type and race cars are too much for you, you might want to try Volvo. The (seemingly) life size Lego version of the Volvo car looks equally impressive compared to its relatives listed above.

Giant Lego Car


A T-shirt store in the Philippines called Artwork must be the coolest store in Asia as they got for themselves a giant Lego car. Despite there is not much customization, the car still looks awesome as it keeps the fun you expect from a Lego creation.

Lego Jeep


As if a Jeep alone is not fun enough, Bonniegrrl decided to put Lego bricks on top of it to create a unique and artistic Lego creation. The Lego Jeep is not necessary a Jeep entirely built out of Lego pieces, but rather a regular Jeep with Lego decoration.

Lego Kenworth K100 Aerodyne


Via: MaciejD

Built by Maciej D. – a Lego artist – in 2006, the Lego truck is a 1:13 scale model of late 70s/ early 80s famous K100 Aerodyne. Even the creator don’t know how many bricks were used, but the package with bricks for walls of the trailer alone was 3kg.

Lego Kenworth W900 LongNose


Via: Maciej D

The Lego Kenworth W900 truck is another wonderful 1:13 scale Lego creation of Maciej D. When it was first built in late 2005/ early 2006, it had a R6 Cummins BigCam engine and now it has Yellow Caterpillar 3406. Similar to a chopper truck, Maciej D.’s Lego truck features a 60″ sleeper, long nose, white roof and high exhaust pipes.

Lego Motorcycle Model Fat Boy


This Lego Fat Boy is an amazing miniature of the motorcycle model with the same name. It is remote controlled with the NX box, and can turn, and drive around just like the real one.

Lego Ship


It took Malle Hawking hundreds of sleepless nights, 300,000 Lego bricks and inexhaustible patience to build that grandiose Lego ship which is a replica of nuclear powered Harry and Truman aircraft carrier.

Lego Steampunk Yacht


Via: Gizmo Watch

Radiant Kestrel’s amazing Lego Steampunk yacht is a proof that two art forms as distinct as Lego and steampunk can actually come together to make a killer combination. The end result is simply stunning.

Lego Steampunk Airship


Via: improbCat

Regardless the striking difference between Legos and Steampunk, Lego maniacs can’t help but employing the versatile bricks to celebrate stunning Steampunk glory. The HMAS Lord Vladek is an ambitious Lego steampunk project that features twin dirigibles similar to that of the starship Enterprise.

Lego Engine


The Lego engine is not a full vehicle, but it’s an incredible work to show how an engine made of Legos can function just like a real one. Consisting of many small parts like a real V8, the Lego engine took 4 months to complete.