Coleman Levitators for the Levitating Sound Effect

When a task is done with enthusiasm and sincerity the results are outstanding. This is exactly what we can say about the Levitating Superconductor Speakers created by James Coleman. He calls them the Coleman Levitators. As his university project, he has come up with the design of speakers which are completely different from the conventional speakers we have witnessed till date. The difference is not only in appearance but also in functionality.

This designer from Brighton set out to design speakers that were unconventional and had a futuristic appeal to them. The basic reason behind his decision was the fact that he found present day speakers to be lacking in electromagnetic shielding and control’s feedback. After a lot of study and research he came to the conclusion that all current speakers were electro-dynamic. His speakers had to be revolutionary and futuristic. His mind was occupied with one question, what other method could be used to produce sound. Finally he got a brain wave and decided to place a superconductor over a conventional magnet. This would create a strong magnetic field that would enable one to levitate over the other. With one of the major decisions taken then on it was quite a smooth flowing project and the Coleman Levitators design was finally revealed.

This product design had to be revolutionary and hence its difference from other speakers. Unlike other speaker units this one has only one main component which levitates above the base. The base has an electromagnet and the levitating unit has a superconductor. Together they form a team to deliver the best sound quality. All the controls in the base work on a touch screen mechanism. The ‘chameleon’ style color looks very attractive.


The controls interface was initially designed to be levitating too but eventually it was realized that too many levitating units could be troublesome to the user. This was then kept simple and flexible by ‘wrapping’ it around the unit. With simple touches the user can easily change volume, treble, and bass of a track. It also has a display area that gives information about the track being played. This display area can be customized as per the user preferences. As the base is round in shape and the display area runs along the circumference information can be viewed irrespective of the speakers’ orientation.

As per most futuristic designs these speakers run on wireless technology. As said by Coleman himself “wireless transmission of power is an emerging technology that will be available in the near future”.

In fact all the technology in this concept design can be found in present times but are not feasible at the moment. Once feasible it won’t be long before they go in to actual production.

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