10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s only five days till Valentine’s Day. If you still haven’t made up your mind on what to buy your significant other, it’s time to get a grip and find something. Here are some interesting suggestions for those waiting until the last minute to show their love.

For those who don’t want to actually choose, a Valentine’s Day gift card from Amazon always works. But if you’re not lazy, keep reading:

Valentine’s Day Gift Set

Valentine's Day Gift Set

The simple way of satisfying your loved ones need for a gift on this made up holiday. A rose, an I love you bear, his and hers mugs, chocolate. In short? It has everything. Available for $27.95.

Love You & Love You More Pillowcases

Love you & Love you more Pillowcases

For those couples who loves being all romantic and stuff in the bedroom (well, it is the place for romance), pillowcases to argue about the volume of love for each seem like the perfect way to spend the ultimate romantic day of the year. Available for $11.99.

Star Wars: A Very Vader Valentine’s Day

Star Wars - A Very Vader Valentine's Day


Did you really think we weren’t going to make this about Star Wars in some way? The best space opera ever written is about love, too, although I doubt the Republic or the Empire have some sort of Valentine’s Day going on in a galaxy far far away. It’s a pretty fun activity book in a Star Wars – Valentine’s Day theme, including comics, games and V-Day cards. Available for $6.06.

Milk Chocolate Dipped Oreos for Valentine’s Day

Milk Chocolate Dipped Oreos


From experience, and I’m talking to you as someone who has been struggling to fight his chocolate addiction (I always return to my dark master, the Cocoa bean), nothing beats an Oreo cookie, as a romantic gesture, or just a snack, or for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The set includes 7 cookies, and it’s available for $15.00.

Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink

Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink


It’s not your usual love story dripping with love and romance to hand out on Valentine’s Day, but why not be original and give your loved one something he/she will actually remember more than two days after February 14? Available for $6.99 in paperback or $17.20 in School & Library Binding.

LEGO Valentine’s Day Dog

Lego Valentine's Day Dog

The LEGO Cupid Dog for Valentine’s Day is for those who believe building blocks aren’t just for kids. And even if they are, so what? Once in a blue moon, for the sake of romance, a 35 year old can channel his 8-year old self and mess around with some LEGO. Available for $28.98.

Funny Valentine’s Day Card (They Will Never Find Your Body)

Funny Valentine's Day Card

I love a good, funny Valentine’s Day card, which works only if your partner gets this kind of humor. Out of all the ones on the market, this makes me laugh the most. Available for $3.95.

Casablanca: 70th Anniversary Special Edition

Casablanca special edition


The highest rated romantic film on Rotten Tomatoes and in my opinion, the best movie ever made, which 73 years after it first came out still looks, sounds and feels great. It’s available for $9.49 as a DVD or $20.09 on Blu-Ray.

Lover His Her Keychain Keyring Couples

Lover His Her Keychain Keyring Couples


There are cool keychains and there are boring ones. While being romantic isn’t always the coolest thing in the world, these heart & arrow couples key chain set is something I wouldn’t mind walking around with. Available for $3.76.

Crystal Roses & Heart

Crystal Roses & Heart

We’ll go with one that’s complete kitsch, but you can never go wrong with kitsch on a day like Valentine’s Day. The annoying thing about getting flowers is you forgetting to water them and they die. These crystal flowers will last you a while, or until you have kids and they break them. Available for $18.99.

You can be really original and go with things that don’t necessarily spell out VALENTINE’S DAY. Like a cool chess set or an interesting Rubik’s Cube puzzle to solve. Being romantic doesn’t necessarily mean hearts and chocolate.