LG prepares a second high-end smartphone for 2015

LG gets on top of the fight for the leading flagship and creates a new high end device that will come out this year. This case is akin to that of their competitor Samsung, who does similar things with their Galaxy S line and the Note.


One of the executives at LG, Eason Shao, confirmed the development and release of a new, powerful gadget by them. The buzz mill indicates it might be a successor of the LG G Pro 2, and there is even some talk of featuring a stylus as its principal accesory.

This device might sport a 5,9 inches screen capable of 2K resolution, and would run on 4 Gb RAM. Qualcomm might be working on the processor, but as opposed to the LG G Pro 2, this version might be available worldwide. When it comes to the rest of the features, Shao was silent, leaving us to wonder what else might be inside this top of its class smartphone. We also do not know when this device is coming out, but speculation is rampant and most outlets theorize it will be around fall.


As of now, this smartphone would fit the same space as the G4 and Flex 2, both highly regarded sets that got quite some praise on the last CES in Las Vegas. On top of this, the Asian market is about to see the release of the LG G4 Stylus and the LG G4c, which is sort of a “Mini” version of the G4.

LG are aiming high, and expect a better over-all performance by about 30% when compared to 2014. Will they be able to achieve this?

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