CES 2016: Everything LG Introduced At Las Vegas

Korean giant LG had their press conference at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, the world’s greatest technology show with new products. Read all the news here!


LG had a great showing at CES 2016 where they introduced the three pillars they would be focusing on throughout the year: cars, internet of things and home appliances. The presentation started with cars, or to be more precise, the gadgets you can add to them. LG are working on many new gadgets to make travelling safer and more fun. When it comes to security, they have external sensors that allow the detection of other vehicles in the short and long range in real time. On the other hand, they also designed an information center, a monitor that allows to see in 360° along with a GPS. What’s more, LG have confirmed to be working on engines and compressors too.


From cars they moved to the Internet of Things. LG are working with several companies to generate a continuous integration. An example of this is their collaboration with Google, and the promise of future devices they will produce together moving forward.


To end their presentation, LG introduced their new “Signature” home appliances. Through this line of products, LG wants to redefine what premium has come to mean, putting emphasis on products that evoke the senses. Among the new products, the big star is the OLED TV 4k by the name LG Signature G6. This is a minimalist TV with all the essentials, from integrated speakers, HDR, UHD, and Dolby Vision. This is the TV with the greatest color gamma ever created, using the same technology from The Martian and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The new OLED models come in 55”, 65” and 75”, and new LCDs.


When it comes to washing machines, LG took matters very seriously. The new Signature washing machines can be programmed with the controls placed on the glass door, they’re opened when the door is pushed, and have a better system to reduce vibration and noise. Furthermore, you can connect it to an app to read the different states in which the cycle is at.


LG also introduced an air purifier with a semi-permanent filter that lasts 10 year, but users can take out clean every once in a while, all with very intuitive controls. There was also a new fridge with a really cool feature: when the user taps the door, it displays the contents. It even has sensors so the door will open for us once we have to load it with the supermarket bags. Basically by putting the foot next to the sensor the door opens by itself, and it’s only activated by humans.

LG had a great beginning of the year with many new smartphones and new products that were introduced at CES. Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments section!

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