LG Lifeband Touch and webOS TV Leaked Before Official Launch at CES

The South Korean company seems to be the favorite target of Evan Nelson Blass, better known by his Twitter handle @evleaks, who has leaked pictures of the Lifeband Touch and webOS TV that LG plans to launch at CES next week.

In 2013, we witnessed the launch of a few smartwatches and smartglasses, as well as of several other types of wearable tech. In my opinion, that was only the beginning, as 2014 promises to be the year of intelligent accessories. Before the end of the year, rumors that LG would launch a wearable started piling up. At that time, it was uncertain whether the company is working on a smartwatch or a bracelet, and while there still is a possibility that LG would launch both of them, the latter has been somewhat confirmed by @evleaks, who tweeted the following picture of the Lifeband Touch.

Think that it resembles Nike’s Fuelband? Well, you’re right, but as the name suggests, the user interface should be touch friendly, thus allowing us to interact with it in a different way than with most of the other fitness bands. We’ll still have to wait for the official launch to learn about LG Lifeband Touch‘s price and availability.

As mentioned before, LG’s piece of wearable tech is not the only thing that @evleaks exposed. The yet to be named TV (that I’ve also mentioned in a previous post about quality of HDTV) will run the operating system that LG acquired from Hewlett Packard (HP) in February 2013. Initially intended for smartphones and tablets, this OS has a simple, yet very functional interface based on cards.

If we are to believe the above picture (and after all, why wouldn’t we?), webOS will enable people to use such apps as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype on their TV. For some of these apps, a web-cam would also be needed, and I’m not quite sure where LG put it. Unless LG will come with a market specially designed for webOS, there wouldn’t be much difference between this operating system and say Android. As in the case of the fitness band, we’ll have to wait for the official launch to find out the technical specs of the LG webOS TV, as well as its availability and price. In case you don’t like this one, there are also going to be a couple of TVs with curved display at CES, thanks to LG and Samsung.

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