Delicious Life Size Chocolate Car Modeled on Toyota Camry

Jim Victor and Marie Pelton are Philadelphia based sculptors who seem to have more than just a sweet tooth.

They have gone ahead and created a life size chocolate car that not only looks good but is equally mouth watering. The sculpting duo took a lot of chocolate and lathered it across the frame of a No. 18 Toyota Camry ‘M&M’s’ car.

By piling layers of delicious chocolate on the frame of the car, the duo was able to create something uniquely mouth watering. The couple is known for their food sculptures but this particular instance was something of a shocker to even those who knew them. Along with melted chocolate, they also used cocoa and cocoa butter. If you are a chocolate lover, this really is the street car named desire.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a hungry load of chocolate addicts barge into the gallery where this car is exhibited and gorge on it piece by piece, much to the chagrin of the sculptors who certainly would have taken a lot of pains to create it. It is not clear how much money they spent on the project but this certainly signifies our society’s obsession with chocolate and all things sweet.

On a serious note chocolate is very healthy and is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids. It contains a lot of minerals that we need but the only culprit is the sugar that is added along. If you choose dark chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa, you can be sure that you are consuming something healthier than red wine, or at least something close to that. Meanwhile, it would be a great idea to create more chocolate lathered sculptures in the near future.

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