Space Invaders Chocolate

This one cool chocolate bar will surely combine your retro love and geeky love  with an edible space invaders snack.

This geeky chocolate was made by Mark and Bryan from chocolateinvader.  Mark designed the mold and his partner Bryan is the brilliant chocolatier how made this geeky chocolate.  Their chocolate is Origin 66% Dark Chocolate crafted from Costa Rican cacao. They put a lot of hard work in trying to create this yummy snack starting with the special single origin Costa Rican cocoa beans that were  sorted by hand to remove any foreign materials , and then roasted slowly till the shells were removed, to mixing the cocoa with evaporated cane juice and cocoa butter for 4 days.

You can buy this special chocolate for 30$  – for this price you will get:

  • Invader chocolate bar (50g)
  • Special edition laser engraved wood box.
  • Invader mini-poster, sticker and postcard

Thanks Mark for the tip!