Han Solo Frozen in Chocolate Carbonite

Combine Star Wars, chocolate, peanut butter and bacon and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success that will please almost everyone. If it doesn’t, then forget them!

Full Bacon Chocolate Han Solo

This sinfully delicious concoction is completely designed by booturtle. The setup is fairly easy and the only item that might be a bit difficult is creating the Han Solo carbonite mold, and honestly, even that is easy. All it requires is the Han Solo in carbonite toy, foamcore, glue gun and food grade silicone. Making the chocolate is the easy part and booturtle even posted basic directions:

  1. Pour a layer of melted chocolate into the mold;
  2. Add a slice of bacon;
  3. Smear peanut butter on bacon;
  4. Top with more chocolate

Side Bacon Chocolate Han Solo

Et voila, the heart attack in the form of a a famous movie show scene is complete.

Inside Bacon Chocolate Han Solo

The little nod to “Star Wars” might make the chocolate more appealing to some parts of the population, but honestly, simply saying the words “Chocolate covered bacon with peanut butter” will make more than a few people’s mouth start watering. The only thing is that the combination of the peanut butter and bacon might make the chocolate too salty and might have those less adventurous shy away from this treat. There is also the issue of dietary restrictions to worry about such as peanut allergies and vegetarianism or both together.

Close up Bacon Chocolate Han Solo

Despite the potential issues with this chocolate it could certainly be a hit at the next party provided you know the eating habits of your friends and family. Since the completed product itself looks fairly innocuous, allow your guests to bite into it and be overwhelmed by the crunchy, salty and chocolate-y goodness that is Han Solo.

Bacon Chocolate Han Solo

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Via: Booturtle’s Blog