Keep Gadgets Charged with the Limefuel Blast 20000mAh Battery Pack

There are incredibly numerous situations when having a power bank handy could save you a lot of time. Limefuel Blast, with its 20000mAh capacity, can do away with the frustration caused by dying gadgets, and can help you enjoy life as you normally would.

First and foremost, power banks such as the Limefuel Blast 20000mAh battery pack that is available at Walyou Deals can help you extend the battery life of mobile devices. How many times did your smartphone or tablet die on you when you needed it the most? Manufacturers of mobile devices are continuously looking to improve the battery life of these devices, either by increasing the capacity, or by implementing new technologies that make the battery last longer without having to make the device bulky. And yet, heavy usage patterns and high performance components cause the batteries to run out within hours. Don’t fret, as that’s exactly what power banks were made for.

Secondly, there are cameras, drones and plenty of other devices that can be charged over USB. One solution is to carry multiple batteries for each of these devices, but then you’d have to give up on the versatility of power banks. Limefuel Blast, as many devices of its kind, features USB ports that can be used for charging USB gadgets. Basically, it’s one power bank that can safely charge all of your other devices, provided that it’s charged, itself.

So if there are that many power banks out there, why should anyone pick the Limefuel Blast over its competitions? The answer is pretty simple. First of all, this is a high-capacity battery pack, and with 20000mAh, you get to charge multiple smartphones, multiple times. Provided that you get yourself a USB Type-C to USB 2.0 adapter, you can even charge the new MacBook. Secondly, the Limefuel Blast comes with something that none of the others have: four USB ports. That’s right, using this particular power bank, you can easily charge four devices at once.

On the other hand, charging the Limefuel Blast itself shouldn’t take a very long time, as it features a 2A input. Assuming that you have a charger capable of outputting that much current, you can leave the power bank to charge overnight and you’ll find it full in the morning, right in time to be by your side on a busy day.

The level of charge is indicated with the help of 4 LED lights, and that’s something you’ll want to pay attention to, both when charging the battery pack, and when using the power bank to charge other devices. Some of the included protections include auto shutoff, so that the battery pack doesn’t reduce its charge unnecessarily, and the anti-overcharge protection+.

The LimeFuel Blast 20000mAh battery pack is available on Walyou Deals for $36.99 (26% off the original price of $50). Power banks often turn out to be very reliable companions, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors, and the LimeFuel Blast, with its high-capacity, four USB outputs and durable aluminum body, has little to no competition.

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