Follow in Houdini’s Footsteps with the Penguin Magic Starter Pack

Whether you want to impress your friends or work a second job as a magician, learning a few card tricks could prove very useful. The Penguin Magic Starter Pack provided by Walyou Deals helps you learn some of the best tricks out there without breaking the bank.

Truth be told, most magicians aren’t that willing to teach others for free, so if you plan on learning some tricks, you either have to watch a lot of instructional videos, or to stay around a magician who knows what he’s doing and pay close attention to what they’re doing, in the hope you’ll figure out the secrets yourself. Obviously, instructional videos such as the ones included in the Penguin Magic Starter Pack that’s currently featured on Walyou Deals are far more effective, as they contain only relevant information, which isn’t what you’d always get by hanging around a magician.

Developed by Penguin Magic, this starter kit contains between 10 and 25 hours of instructional video content that is extremely easy to follow. On top of that, you will have access to this content for the rest of your life, so there’s no rush in learning the tricks, unless you’re planning to going on tour a couple of days after purchasing the starter pack. Take these at your own pace, and watch every video as many times you need until you’re pulling off card tricks like Houdini himself (though you might want to buy a different magic pack if you intend to become an escape artist).

Penguin Magic Starter Pack, as its name suggests, is meant to only get you started in the world of magic. It only includes 5 fantastic magic tricks, namely Pen Through Finger, Vuja De, Stain Alive, Ghost Clip, and Drawn Again Tricks, but that should be enough to get you hooked. After learning these, you’re free to impress friends at parties, or you might even consider pursuing a career in this industry.

The instructional videos aren’t only recommended by professional magicians, but they’re also taught by magic professionals, so you need to be confident that your hopes and expectations regarding what you’ll learn at the end of all this won’t be just black holes and revelations.

After going through all of the videos, you’ll definitely master these tricks and get to show them to your friends, and even trigger some envy on their behalf cause you know such tricks and they don’t.

To get the Penguin Magic Starter Pack, head over to Walyou Deals, where you’ll find it for $19.99 (59% off the original $50 price). Becoming a magician isn’t that hard, as low as you know how to do the tricks, and the instructional videos included in this starter pack can definitely help you get a hang of how everything works. Make sure that you purchase the starter pack within the next 4 days, as after that it’ll be gone forever.

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