Save 66% on the LithiumCard Wallet Battery

Running out of battery just when you need your mobile device the most can be one of the most frustrating things out there (at least in first world countries). If you happen to own a mobile device and live with this fear, the LithiumCard wallet battery can save you.

LinearFlux, the manufacturer of the LithiumCard wallet battery has made a goal out of building the ultimate portable battery. Back in March 2015, when the LithiumCard was launched simultaneously on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, this gadget was promoted as the world’s fastest phone charger. Now you can buy yours in our store, Walyou Deals, at a heavily discounted price.

The LithiumCard, as even its name suggests, was designed to be not much larger than a credit card. After all, LinearFlux doesn’t only want you to put this external battery in your back pocket, but also in your wallet. As such, the gadget measures only 3.37″L x 2.125″W x 0.22”H and weighs 1.66oz, which means you’ll barely notice it. In case you’d rather not store it in your wallet, the LithiumCard can be attached to the back of your mobile device with the help of the included NanoStik pad. This scenario implies giving up on whatever protective cases, unless you want to stick it directly to those.

To make sure that you have it fully charged and ready, you need to stick out the flip-up USB connector and stick it in a laptop or computer’s USB port, in a wall charger or even in a cigarette lighter adapter. Once it’s charged, you can take it with you and use it to power up dying mobile devices.

Next, pull out the microUSB or Lightning connector to charge your mobile device whenever the battery is running low. Even though LinearFlux manufacturers these portable batteries for iOS devices on one hand, and for any other device with a microUSB port on the other hand, there is no difference in the capacity. Regardless of the type of connector employed, the LithiumCard power bank has up to 2 Amps in capacity. As power banks go today, that’s certainly not impressive, but you first need to take LithiumCard’s dimensions into account, and secondly, in emergency situations, this wallet battery can make a world of difference.

Once you hit the power button, the LithiumCard will start charging your mobile device at a rate of 1% per minute. After all, this was the fastest phone charger at the time of its launch.

In the next four days, you can purchase the LithiumCard wallet battery on Walyou Deals for only $20, a 66% discount from the original retail price. The capacity of this power bank is by no means mind-blowing, but the elegant design and the functionality can easily turn this into a real life-saver. The LithiumCard wallet batteries come in black or silver, and you can opt for either a microUSB or Lightning connector, depending on the devices that you’re currently using.

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