GoPro and Periscope Join Hands to Live Stream Your Adventures

Action camera manufacturer GoPro isn’t exactly living in clover lately, and the financial results for Q4 of 2015 can attest to that. Periscope, on the other hand, has had an explosive growth from the very moment of its launch, and Twitter would surely like to maintain that trend.

It has been 18 months since GoPro’s IPO, and even though the annual results show a growth of 15%, the sales were lower than anticipated, especially in Q4. The relatively high price of GoPro cams has determined people to look for other options, and the number of action cameras on the market has increased drastically over the past couple of years. In this context, it’s no surprise that GoPro is looking to establish strategic partnerships with other companies that could expand the functionality of its products. Given GoPro’s current decline, its partnership with Periscope is one of the smartest steps it could take.

GoPros and action cams, in general, have numerous applications that include recording everything from (extreme) sports and cooking shows to adult movies, so enabling people to live stream whatever they’re doing opens a whole new world of possibilities.

As of yesterday, Periscope users who own a GoPro Hero4 (that starts at $283.99 on Amazon) action cam are able to stream their lives for the entire world to see. It takes a single tap to switch from iPhone’s camera to the GoPro. Unfortunately, there’s only iOS integration for now, but Android and Windows Phone should be thrown into the mix soon enough.

The best part about this partnership (at least for GoPro) is that it gives the action cam maker access to Twitter’s userbase, which at 320 million monthly active users, isn’t exactly negligible. Thus, Twitter users are now able to add more than just words and pictures, and can provide a live feed of whatever it is that they are doing.

In other news, GoPro has also renewed its partnership with NHLPA and NHL in order to give hockey lovers a behind-the-scenes look at the game. This also includes the 11-part NHL After Dark series that features immersive content filmed by some of the best hockey players in the US.

“Our goal with the NHL After Dark series is to transport the hockey fan directly onto the ice with an up-close and personal look at some of the NHL’s most talented players,” pointed out Bill McCullough, executive producer at GoPro. “These world-class athletes invest much of their time honing skills behind the scenes and we’re excited to give hockey fans an exclusive look at the personalities of these players, the fun they bring to the game and their commitment to mastering their craft.”

“The speed and skill of the players in the NHL has never been better than it is today,” added Mathieu Schneider, NHLPA Special Assistant to the Executive Director. “Our continued partnership with GoPro provides hockey fans a unique look and perspective into the incredible talent that our athletes possess.”

“We know hockey fans want a more comprehensive, personal understanding of players’ lives and their journey onto the ice each night,” concluded Keith Wachtel, NHL Executive Vice President of Global Partnerships. “The NHL After Dark series delivers not just a unique perspective on the game of hockey, but a new look into the personalities of our players. We are excited to extend the GoPro partnership and give our fans access to places they’ve never been before.”

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[via WIRED]