The Woes of Losing Our Beloved Phones

Losing your phone is everyone’s nightmare in this day and age; a device we cling to for dear life on a daily basis. The folks over at Lookout have even put together a little infographic detailing where people lose their phones the most!

When I think of people losing their phones, I think of my teenage brother leaving his phone on a car, and later finding out that someone had picked it up and was even using it. Of course, this was about five years ago, and he did not have a smart phone at the time, but we quickly called to have the phone deactivated. Thankfully, we now have smartphones that are capable of helping us find our lost phones with ease!

Lookout is a great app to download for your Android, Blackberry, or Windows phone that let’s you not only (hopefully) find your lost/stolen phone, but also lock and/or wipe your phone if need be. There is a free version if that is what you seek, but there is also a $2.99/month version that users can activate. My favorite free Droid-finding app, though, is hands down Where’s My Droid. This little app let’s you use text messages or GPS to find your phone, and even let’s you use password protection. For the free price point, you really cannot beat it.

Over all they’re both great apps for finding your lost phone, and with 96% of Americans having a cellphone, some of us are (unfortunately) bound to lose our phones. Check out the infographic below for more cool and interesting facts about where people lose their phones!