Crowd-Create a Galaxy with Galaxiki, The Outer Space Wiki

Even since the early days of the Internet, we’ve had online collaborative efforts, but now we have the ability to create entire galaxies, with Galaxiki. Galaxiki uses the power of “wikis” to create a database of fictional solar systems which can be edited by anybody. If, for example, you’re the type of person who loved exploring the different planets in games like Mass Effect 1 and 2, and reading the information on them, this is the type of site you’ll love. Right on the front page, you’ll see the galaxy, and with a few zooms you’ll begin to see solar systems. As in real life, it’s always staggering to realize just how massive a galaxy is when compared to our own huge solar system, while also keeping in mind that a galaxy is just a tiny piece of the entire universe.

Galxiki Galaxy Browser

With this in mind, it may make you seem that your solar system creation is insignificant, but that’s hardly the case. It may be one of many, but you can make it unique, choosing the type of star, the number of planets which orbit it, and the details of each planet ranging from atmosphere-makeup to size to the number of moons circling it. You can even add information on each of the moons if you want to get truly detailed. Naturally, one other option is to give one or more of your planets life, whether it be civilized beings, animal-type creatures, or no more than bacteria. Perhaps another user will stumble across your planet and discover the life teeming on its surface, or perhaps it will remain an undiscovered miracle hidden away in some corner of the galaxy.

The site is definitely aimed at astronomy geeks and information geeks, but it also deals with science and science-fiction in general. Users can read and upload science fiction and fantasy stories, as well as share science-related news with other users. Editing community-owned solar systems is free for all users, but creating your own personal system only requires a $1 donation to the site and gives you the full capabilities to personalize it however you like; a small price to pay to bring an entire solar system into being! The site is clearly meant to be a community effort, mostly due to the wiki system, but also due to the various ways users can contribute content for everyone else to enjoy. There are even various widgets you can throw onto your own page to show off the system you’ve created from scratch, as well as ones which let you organize and share your favorite movies, books, and more. More or less, Galaxiki is a social network in itself, and one you just might enjoy being a part of, especially if you have strong interests in science, science-fiction, and fantasy.

If you enjoy this, you might also enjoy looking at our own planet in different ways using NASA’s iPad Exploration App. For those who love the idea of mankind journeying across the stars, there’s also this amazing LEGO Colony Spaceship which we’d love to see made into reality. Only larger.