Lotus-Shaped City In The Sky: Futuristic & Organic

The future doesn’t always have to be all about grim wastelands, and technology can provide some unique beauty. Just check these designs out.

Now, before you start packing, we got some bad news. This is a concept, not an actual city. Hell, you might even recognize the city in the background as New York, but still, damn. This concept is called “City in the Skyis”, and is an architectural design by Bulgaria-born, London-based architect Tsvetan Toshkov.

In Toshkov’s words, the project is “about an imaginary tranquil oasis above the mega developed and polluted city where one can escape from the everyday noise, stress and dirt”, where the lotus shaped buildings (higher than any skyscrapers) would provide an open, green space up in the air.

The concept has something very Asian about it, with the whole Lotus Flower theme, known to be able to emerge pretty much anywhere while remaining pure and clean. Toshkov tried to create a certain symbolism, where the sky-scraping getaways represent a utopia.

This project started as a part of Megatropolis, a project that involved many artists planning a city, but failed on its final stages. Toshkov couldn’t live with this, so he just took his part of the project, and intended to create something with it, at least in video and picture format. Yes, we said video! Scroll to the bottom and check it out.

Via: MyModernMet

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