Luminous Typography Created with Water Droplets and Mirror

There is no dearth of artistic typography out there, and most would admit that there is no limit to the different ways of creating typography as long as technology and art go hand in hand.

Ruslan Khasanov has just announced a unique typography that has been created with the help of water droplets suspended on the surface of a mirror. The resulting typography is ephemeral, ethereal and so beautiful that you just can’t stop looking at it. The letters have a luminous density to them and almost look like a car’s headlight being reflected on the windscreen on a rainy day.

The Russian designer was inspired by car headlights too, especially the way red and yellow circles float on a wet road. He calls the new typography “Lumen Type”. He took a syringe and left small drops of water on the surface of a mirror. He left them in such a way that they would form the shape of tiny letters. Later on, he directed a beam of light on the form from many different distances, angles and directions.

He deliberately created aberrations in order to ensure that it created an esoteric feel and image. The idea was to be playful and also ensure that the distortion was not so much that you wouldn’t be able to understand the alphabet at all.

This typography may not be used anywhere but the very idea of such a luminous typography being available makes it an interesting way to consider future typographies. It can be a great way to write names for an art show or something like that. It is not clear if he has this typography for sale but I guess other typography designers can look for similar material and create something beautiful.

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