Lytro Gen 1 Camera Goes on Sale in Our Store

It happened to most of us to get home after a vacation or a memorable event just to discover that some of the most important photos are out of focus. Lytro is a light field camera that enables you to focus photos after you’ve taken them, so it can actually save your hide if for some reason your life depends on the quality of those pictures.

Lytro, the manufacturer of this tiny light field camera, made it under the spotlight when it launched Illum, back in 2014. Even though two years have passed since then, Illum still doesn’t haven any competition, so one might say that Lytro reigns supreme in the field of light-field cameras. Bear in mind that the camera in question, the one you can buy in our store, is actually a Lytro Gen 1, which was launched prior to the possibly more famous Illum. That being said, Walyou Deals has this one on sale with a massive discount, so if out-of-focus images are your greatest fear, then you should really take advantage of the offer!

Living pictures, as Lytro has named the photos taken with its cameras, can be tweaked prior to being taken. That means that they capture all of the available light traveling in all of the possible directions, so if the thing you wished it were focus is actually out of focus, all is not lost yet.

This compact, durable and lightweight camera enables you to refocus, change perspective, or even view the photographed objects or persons in 3D. Each scene can have up to 11-million light rays. Also in the numbers department, you can store up to 350 photos in the camera’s internal storage of 8GB. That means that you’d be shooting the photos at a resolution that makes them clear enough, while also making them the right size for sharing online.

Bear in mind that the Lytro field-of-light camera comes with uploading software and photo filters, so you won’t have to outsource that on your own.

The Lytro Gen 1 camera is available in Graphite, Seaglass Green, Moxie Pink, and Electric Blue, costs $74.99 (originally $149), and can be purchased from Walyou Deals within the next 5 days. The camera may be 2 years old, but photos out of focus are a actual problem, so the Lytro still qualifies as a solution.

To sweeten the deal even more, our store offers a 96% discount on the Pro Digital Photography & Photoshop Bundle, meaning that you’ll only pay $29 instead of the $799 retail price.

The deal for this photography bundle expires in 5 days, and considering the incredible discount, if you’re interested in learning more about cameras and how to take better pictures, you really shouldn’t think twice before buying it. The bundle comprises of 30 hours of content and 27 instructional units that cover everything you need to know in order to master manual photography. On top of that, you’ll also learn to use Photoshop like an expert.

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