M3D Printer & 4 Reels of Filament Bundle

One of the main reasons most people dismiss 3D printing is because of the high costs implied by the needed equipment. Our store has a special deal including an M3D printer and 4 reels of filament at a much smaller price than what these would typically retail.

Is 3D printing something that could help you at work? Or maybe you just want to print toys for your kids? Regardless of your purpose, the M3D printer can help you create small-sized objects in a jiffy. Back in 2014, when Micro 3D Printer turned to Kickstarter to fund the production of this device, the project received more than 70 times the funding goal, and that’s definitely not something that happens with every crowdfunded device out there. The support it received from the backers is proof of how much people believed in M3D printer’s potential. Now, you can have one yourself, with a 20% discount.

At 7.3″ (185mm) per side of its cube-shaped body, the M3D printer is the kind of device one could easily fit in a backpack. It’s not that heavy, either, as it only weighs 1kg. Have I mentioned that it’s very convenient? You just need to connect it to a computer via the included USB cable, and from that point you can start printing, assuming that you’ve already installed the M3D software.

You really shouldn’t worry about compatibility, as the printer works equally well on PCs and Macs, and can handle both .obj and .stl files.

Unlike other 3D printers that can only work with a single type of material, the M3D printer handles ABS, PLA, nylon, professional, and chameleon filaments. The layer resolution varies between 50 and 350 microns, with a 15 micron X & Y positioning accuracy.

As for the diameter of the filament, it works with standard 1.75mm. You can fit 1/2lb rolls within the printbed, but standard filament rolls are supported, as well.

As the name clearly implies, this is a micro 3D printer, so it might be great if you’re just getting started in this field, but don’t expect to print at an industrial scale. In fact, the print height cannot exceed 116mm or 4.6″.

The base print area measures 109mm x 113mm, while the print area above 74mm is 91mm x 84mm. Besides, the device comes with a removable print bed size measuring 128×128mm.

The M3D printer and 4 reels of filament bundle is available in the next 3 days in our store, and considering that it comes with a 20% discount of the retail price, you really shouldn’t think twice. This 3D printer makes a great starting point for anyone who’s just taking their first steps in this area, so this bargain just isn’t something that they should miss, especially since the item comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

As always, all sales are final and all orders are shipped for free to continental US addresses, with deliveries expected to take place between May 17 and 20.

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