PowerPlay Smooth Leather Macbook Cord Organizer

Is your MagSafe power adapter difficult to keep tidy, but at the same time, you think that most cord organizers out there are not classy enough? Then you haven’t seen the PowerPlay Macbook cord organizer, a soft leather accessory that’s both elegant and highly functional.

In terms of design, Apple’s products are little works of art, and any accessory for them should complement them perfectly. Most cord organizers out there either have a dull aspect or are made out of materials of a questionable quality. The PowerPlay MacBook cord organizer is neither of those, as it is made from high-quality leather and an elastic band that not only look great, but also work great with your power cord.

Using the PowerPlay MacBook cord organizer couldn’t have been simpler. You just need to slip the elastic band around the adapter, and place the cords around the leather bobbins, as seen in the images. Next, you have to adjust the leather piece so that the cords sit tightly in place. Frankly, organizing your MacBook power cord doesn’t get any more stylish and easier than this!

The PowerPlay MacBook cord organizer is available in two color options: black/django and mahogany/camo. Other than that, the two version are identical in size and functionality. Speaking of size, at 3.2″ in diameter, the cord organizers are barely noticeable, and that’s the entire point of using such a gadget.

One of the best things about the PowerPlay cord organizer is that you don’t need to stash it away while you’re using your MacBook. On the contrary, it can remain attached to the power brick, so you can use it whenever you need it. Even though scratching the surface of the power brick doesn’t affect the functionality in any way, but it’s still great that the PowerPlay cord organizer can also offer some protection.

If compatibility is your concern, then know that the PowerPlay cord organizer works with both 85W & 60W MagSafe/MagSafe 2 power adapters, so you can use it with both old and new MacBooks.

To get the Powerplay Macbook cord organizer, head over to Walyou Deals, where you can find it for $32. The deal will end in four days, so if you’re looking for a classy way to keep your MacBook cord all tidy, now is the time to act! The deal isn’t only time-sensitive, as our store features this MacBook accessory in exclusivity, so you won’t be able to find this little gadget at e-tailers. All sales are final and orders are shipped for free internationally, with deliveries expected to take place between May 1 and 4.

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