Super Creative and Geeky Macbook Decals

Macbook owners around the world, rejoice! You can still keep your beloved Apple logo visible on your laptop while still expressing your style. 

These 23 creative, geeky and oh so awesome Macbook stickers incorporate the already etched in Apple logo into the decal designs. There’s one for just about everybody here and more to be found around the ‘net. Let’s take a look at some of the cooler Apple laptop decals.

There are heroes of many kinds. From Iron Man to E.T., Mario to the Minions and even Homer Simpson, you can now feature your favorite, most beloved hero on your Macbook and make them a part of your every day living and inspiration.

Who says beautiful art has to be in color? It can also be found beautiful in black and white. Taking inspiration from classic elements of human life, including the apple juice box we grew up on as kids, Newton’s Law of Gravity that we learned by example of the  apple dropping from the tree, Banksy making a political statement with his stencil street art, and even a depiction of Eve in the Garden of Eden, you can make the correlation that your Apple gadget is also an essential part of your being.

For the die-hard Apple geeks, or rather geeky Apple fanboys and fangirls, we have three final Macbook decals that’ll show-off your obsession for all things Apple. Do you love apple pie? Show it off with a simple laptop sticker that says so in the most minimalist of ways. A Pacman fan? Yup, there’s one for you, too. The last, however, could be taken a couple of different ways. Either you’re showing how evil Android is, trying to take a bite out of Apple. Or, perhaps you’ve moved on from Apple and want to show your new little Android guy taking out revenge for you. Wait … move on from Apple? Oh the horror!

Anyway, if you’re looking for more Apple ‘stuff,’ you might want to take a look at some more cool Apple Macbook stickers of stick figures or Apple’s newest innovation, the iBoy.


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