Making Duct Tape is Really Disgusting

Even though Duct Tape is one fine, slick looking product, all rolled up shiny, grey and plastic, it’s a lot less pretty when you watch it getting made in the factory.

Step 1: Toss Big Slabs of Rubber Down a Chute

Step 2: Send Resin Nuggets Down the Chute Chasing the Rubber

Step 3: Grinding it Down to a Nasty Looking Mush

Step 4: Now, This Phallic Shaped Glue Thing Travels up the Conveyor Belt

Step 5: No Longer Disgusting; it Comes out Thin, Spinning on Sheets of Plastic

Step 6: Gets Put Together With Grey Backing

Step 7: Rolling up Each Strip

And The Duct Tape Goes Sliding Down the Assembly Line