Geeky Epic Mario Dress for Fangirls

It is always said that what one wears reflects one’s personality. With that in mind, if you are a girl who likes Super Mario and has spent years playing it on your portable console, then you had better got yourself this cool Epic Mario Dress, which even comes with an underskirt.

The dress is rather geeky and is well suited for Mario fangirls who might want to go to a costume party. The Epic Mario Dress comes with a print of Mario trying to reach a power star by jumping. The back of the dress comes with a giant piranha plant and a question cube, which are hallmarks of Super Mario series. The white and green parts of the dress are made from glittery vinyl, which makes the dress a perfect costume party dress.

The dress would fit anyone between the sizes of 30 and 34, and with the added straps that go around your neck for support, you can be sure that there wouldn’t be any embarrassing incidents at the party. The Epic Mario Dress is something that you wouldn’t want to wear to work or to your school, but you could definitely get this before the next geeky costume party that you might attend. It would make for a great conversational topic and can get all those cute Mario fanboys drooling after you.

At the moment, the dress is out of stock, but if you visit Alienphant’s store at Etsy often, you might end up finding something similar or even the same dress after placing a request. If you are a raging Super Mario fan, you could also go ahead and check out Stunning Super Mario Bros 3 Fan Art, which we had featured sometime back. You might also want to take a look at Rubik Cube Mario. Meanwhile, make your own geeky costume party plans if you don’t have one to attend, so that you can show off your video game costumes.