Superheroes Star Super Mario Bros 3 Stunning Fan Art

Super Mario Bros 3 is one of the greatest video games of all time, and influenced lots of future releases, as well as Jesus Castaneda’s art. That’s right, ladies and gentleman, apparently someone was charmed by more than the fantastic gameplay, catchy music, unique world maps and varied power-ups. Jesus Castaneda thought the game’s pixel art was good enough to be adapted and tweaked to represent some beloved pop culture icons such as Deadpool, Ghstobusters, Wolverine or Superman. The result? Old school, amusing, and over-all damn kickass. If you feel like going retro, enjoy these pics with us.

[Note]: We were gonna call this 8-bit art, but it’s not. Although Super Mario Bros 3 is an 8-bit videogame, and these drawings get direct inspiration from it, these are actually 16 bit sprites, as most of them have more than 3 colors total, and as much as we love our NES, that’d be way beyond its capabilities.

Doctor Who / Doctor Mario Crossover

You get both versions to compare, one including the classic Mario from Super Mario Bros, the NES classic, and one with the doctor. Somehow, we think the doctor might be better prepared to fight those Daleks than Mario.

The Incredible Hulk (Super Mario Bros 3 Version)

Super Heroes Mario Bros 2

Now this guy did more than just grab a couple mushroom power-ups. The green menace could plow through most levels, crushing bricks with his fists and stomping on Bowser.

Deadpool (Super Mario Bros 3 Version)

Super Heroes Mario Bros 3

The Merc with a Mouth is basically Mario’s sprite with a paintjob (not to be confused with a Palette swap). We’re not sure if he could take on Bowser and his 7 kids, but he sure as hell could annoy them with his jokes.

Bobba Fett and Jango Fett (Super Mario Bros 3 Version)

Super Heroes Mario Bros 4

Talking about palette swaps, here’s the most beloved mercenary from the Star Wars franchise accompanied by his dad. We like Bobba’s sprite more, as it’s based on Mario’s flying pose rather than the walking pose. Also, Episodes 4 to 6 are better than Episodes 1 to 3.

Super Heroes Mario Bros 5

Lord of the Rings (Super Mario Bros 3 Version)

Super Heroes Mario Bros 6

“One does not simply walk into Dark Land (World 8)”. Whose journey do you think was the hardest?

Iron Man (Super Mario Bros 3 Version)

Super Heroes Mario Bros 7

Iron Man doesn’t need to hold B to run, he has turbines! This makes us wish there had been a good Iron Man game back in 1990.

Wolverine (Super Mario Bros 3 Version)

Super Heroes Mario Bros 8

Now this would make for a cool power up. We’d trade every Kuribo’s boot or Tanooki power up for some adamantium claws and mutant-factor healing. Then, we’d shred Bowser.

Superman (Super Mario Bros 3 Version)

Super Heroes Mario Bros 9

Now here’s someone who doesn’t need power-ups and could actually do the flying sprite justice. The game would probably be too easy, but hey, if you can’t handle Superman, don’t invite Superman.

Batman & Robin (Super Mario Bros 3 Version)

Super Heroes Mario Bros 10

Now, if only Super Mario Bros 3 could be re-released with a co-op mode like the Super Mario Bros Wii game, this picture would be twice as funny. And we’d have to download it and replay it all over again.

Ghostbusters (Super Mario Bros 3 Version)

Super Heroes Mario Bros 11

Now, this version sort of makes more sense than most, as both Super Mario Bros 3 and Ghostbusters are some of the most beloved pop culture icons of the 80’s. We’re surprised it took so long for someone to mix them up!

Harry Potter

Super Heroes Mario Bros 12

Now everything makes sense: the Racoon power-up had a magic wand hidden, so Mario could cast Wingardium Leviosa and fly. We always thought just a tail wouldn’t be enough to keep afloat!

Bonus Track: Villains in Super Mario Bros 3 Style

Super Heroes Mario Bros 13

Because a game couldn’t be complete without some bad guys to stomp on, here’s Castaneda’s version of Killer Croc and Mystique. Now someone make this happen!

Super Heroes Mario Bros 14

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