Awesome Hand Painted Star Trek Wine Glasses

One of the best ways to spend a lazy weekend is to invite a few friends home and drink some wine in the name of your favorite TV show or video game.

These Star Trek inspired wine glasses allow serious geeks to do just that, and that too do it in style. Star Trek has remained one of the most enduring and successful science fiction series so far. Without a doubt, there must be many people who would want to get hold f these beautiful hand painted wine glasses which come in several colours. For $60, you would get 3 white wine glasses that would allow you to raise toast with your friends and discuss various themes that can be observed in various episodes of Star Trek.

ImplulsiveCreativity sells red, blue and yellow white wine glasses that are inspired by Star trek motifs. They are freehand painted and can be used in the dishwasher safely. However, it might be a better idea to hand wash, as the painting may be eroded if you use a dishwasher. The artist also sells red wine glasses, glasses specifically made for champagne, martini and various other drinks. You could also request for shot glasses and tumblers for beer or juice.

However, if you do not specify your choice at the outset, you will be shipped white wine glasses shown in the pictures. You could also go ahead and take a look at other Star trek inspired articles that we have written. If you are into Anime, you might like the list of Star Trek Amigurumi Characters. If you would like to wear a few accessories that are geeky, do take a look at Star Trek Cuffinks as well. Meanwhile, do plan for a get-together in which you could invite fellow Star trek fans and raise a toast in the name of science fiction!