Bioweapon’s Amazingly Detailed Mass Effect N7 Armor

Look like a boss member of the Systems Alliance military’s highest ranking forces with this stellar armor set. Fictionally, that is.

Mass Effect N7 armor Bioweapons image 1

This is one Mass Effect costume that you’re probably not going to find on the racks at your local K-Mart this Halloween season, and for good reason; it’s carefully made to look ripped straight from the popular Bioware role-playing game.

It’s designed by makeup and special effects artist David Carpenter, whose talent at recreating the N7 armor is certainly muy bueno here, packing an incredible amount of detail from the front and back chest plates to even the LED lighting (they can change color, too!).

Heck, even the gloves themselves have a keen attention to nailing down a faithful Mass Effect real-world depiction. Of course, if you’ve seen other works by David and his Bioweapons team (which you should by the way), it only makes sense how beyond the call they go to make something look sharp.

Mass Effect N7 armor Bioweapons image 2

Now, this particular design, if we can go into its construction, was made from EVA foam – and no you blockheads, not the Anime. EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is typically a kind of foam used for padding in sports equipment.

It also makes for nice costuming material. Sturdy, yet also lightweight and flexible, so that you can create some awesome-looking battle armor and be able to wear it for long periods without kneeling over like the ending to Mass Effect 3. OOOHHHHHH!!!

Oh, I kid Mass Effect, I kid. Well, not when it comes down to the price of this N7 armor, which directly from Bioweapons runs about a stomach-thumping $1,250 USD (with assault rifle) for males and $1,350 for its female version.

Yikes, I know. But it’s only predictable with how much craftsmanship is put in to each set, a whole flippin’ lot that is. Reminds me of the amount of work writing about Facebook jackets or geeky recycled beer can art put in by us here on Walyou. I hope you’re thankful!