8 Pokemon Inspired Kigurumi Onesies for Adults

2016 was the year Pokemon made its big return into our lives. Calling it a comeback year wouldn’t be out of place.  Pokémon GO took the gaming app market by storm. Suddenly hunting Pokémon became something everything did, shared and talked about.

With its newly found and growing popularity came new, cool products for you to enjoy. The coolest of them all I think are the Pokemon adult Onesies! You can wear it at home just for fun, as PJs, as a Halloween costume and it can also be a fantastic gift idea for Valentine’s Day’s which is just around the corner.

In just over a month we’re going to celebrate Pokemon’s 21st anniversary, with the game making its debut on the Nintendo 3DS in February, 1996.

You don’t really need to be a huge Pokemon fan in order to appreciate the playfulness in wearing one of these cool onesies. Here are 8 awesome Pokemon onesies to bring out your inner Pokemon species.

Pokemon Charmander Fleece Onesie


Charmander might look cute and cuddly but watch out! This Pokemon has a fire tail so keep your eye open! After getting enough experience in battles this cutie will evolve into Charmeleon and later on into Charizard.

Pikachu Pokemon Onesie

best-pokemon-onesie-adult-pikachu-kigurumi-2017Pikachu is probably the best known and most popular Pokemon, so even if you are not a Pokemon fan you’d love to wear it right? For the loyal fans, this Pikachu onesie can also be fantastic; it’s made out of fleece, so it’s perfect for this winter, and can also be used as a great costume for Halloween 2017.

Jigglypuff Pokemon Onesie


This Cute onesie is full of charm, but the most important thing about this Jigglypuff onesie is that its snuggly and extra comfy, just like an adult onesie should be.

Umbreon Pokemon Onesie


Like the real Pokemon Umbreon, this onesie features a black fur made out of fleece to keep you all warm and comfortable while hunting for your prey under the cover of darkness, spraying a cloud of toxic gas to capture what you seek. You can get night creature onesie here on Amazon.



This frozen Pokemon is all about creating small ice crystals around it. This Glaceon-inspired kigurumi features all the right colors and markings, making it one of the most beautiful Pokemon onesies on this list.

Jolteon Inspired Kigurumi


This chic looking Jolteon inspired kigurumi is going to make you look super cool. It resembles Pikachu but has more edge to it.

Bulbasaur Kigurumi


This Bulbasaur Kigurumi is cozy, comfortable and features all of the iconic marks such as the turquoise color with dark green spots and naturally his famous bulb on its back.



This comfy and cute Espeon onesie will be a truly loyal Pokemon to you and will keep you all warmed up through the cold winter nights. Just  like Espeon is loyal to it’s trainer.

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