Guy Creates A Working McFlurry Machine Out Of LEGO

Sweets and robotics are two things inherently geeky that all of us love, and when the two of them combine, then magic truly happens. Check this story to see what this mad genius created!

McFlurry Lego Machine

A YouTuber going by the name of Astonishing Studios understood that the best you can do with badass LEGO skills is creating something people will enjoy. This guy used a bunch of blocks, bricks and pieces from several LEGO sets to create a working McDonald’s McFlurry Machine, and that’s absolutely incredible. By adding the basic ingredients to it, it can not only dispense the freshest, most traditional vanilla icre cream but even has two separate compartments for toppings, namely M&M’s and Oreos, which are an essential part of the McFlurry experience. It’s just like the real deal, except you don’t have to drive through or (god forbid it) have an actual human interaction just because you want something sweet.

Throughout his video, which you can see right below these lines, Astonishing Studios explain that in order to build a machine just like this one, you need an abundance of pieces (namely, a bunch of red and yellow blocks because keeping in with the original is awesome and you don’t want to mess with the color gamma) and ingredients for the frozen dessert itself but the end result of all that hard work is nothing but delicious. Now this sounds like a fun little thing you could add on to the office and become sort of a local hero, at least when it comes to your work-mates, right?. We are not sure about how to work out the temperature part, but the coolness and novelty factor greatly trumps the practicality of the whole thing and impress everyone. Maybe keeping those on the fridge, and only adding them once you’re ready for a serve?

We have seen many incredible LEGO sets before (LEGO Superheroes Batman, LEGO Disney Princesses’ Elsa Castle, and even LEGO Minecraft, among many, many others), but this is the first time we ever see someone experimenting with LEGO and edibles, and what better choice than the McFlurry at that. McFlurrys already have a long history ever since being introduced in 1995, some 20 years ago, and quickly becoming a staple of the McDonalds brand thanks to its soft texture and delicious toppings. Combined with the science of Lego, they truly spawned a creation that should become a real LEGO set that could bring in tons of money for both companies, so here’s our plea to both McDonalds and LEGO to work something out. Seriously, we would totally buy this… and the rest of the office can pool resources to get the toppings, because this isn’t a charity, bro.

Now, where would one go in order to buy the plastic cups with the brand name?

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