Meet Karma, The First GoPro Drone

GoPro cameras have revolutionized the way we see activities as cycling, skateboarding or skiing, but what happens when you mix them with a drone is way, way cooler than that. 

GoPro Karma 1

The world around us and especially the world of extreme sports has been revolutionized thanks to GoPro cameras, the specialized devices to record in movement from anywhere. The team behind them has, in the last few years, provided a few cameras for different drones, and we have seen some really impressive videos showcasing what can be done, yet the GoPro team has now decided to jump into the business too and create their very own drone, officially called Karma.

GoPro Karma 2

The name of this drone was first revealed through a promotional video that seems to have been recorded using this new drone. The most important thing when it comes to drones equipped with cameras are stability and fluidity, and in this recording of the Karma we got to see, we could appreciate a new, fantastic product doing amazing takes in an open field, and even in some really hard to maneuver areas such as a forest. Furthermore, it seemed capable of pretty impressing speeds, and a surprising ability to quickly turn around and get ready for different, wide shots. Check the video below these lines!

We still don’t know a lot about this drone except for the fact that it exists, so technical information is scarce. Despite this, we can confirm the video published by GoPro is 1080p, so we can assume it can carry cameras up to those specs, but we will have to wait and see to know whether there will be 4K models or not. It is possible that the GoPro drone will feature its own camera, not unlike the GoPro Hero 4 Session, but with optical stabilizing to achieve the fidelity required when you have a device like this travelling through the air.

Karma, the GoPro Drone will come out at some point throughout 2016, but they haven’t revealed netiher the exact date nor pricing. There is a very special clue for those with the keenest eyes: GoPro will be giving away 100 Karma Drones once it releases, and the winners will be picked in April 2016, so we might be able to purchase the drone around that date.

Source: YouTube

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