Mega Man Hoodie Is Awesome And Incredibly Expensive

Few things ever hit us in the nostalgia glands as hard as Mega Man does, and although this is the greatest hoodie we’ve ever seen, do you think it’s worth $200 USD?

Mega Man Hoodie 1

The  Volante Design team have teamed up with Mega Man owners, Capcom, to produce what might be the greatest hoodie ever created, themed after Mega Man himself, and with versions for both guys and gals.

Mega Man Hoodie 2

There is one catch, though, these won’t be produced at all unless they get a minimum of 100 pre-orders for the lady version, and 200 for the guys. And doing this pre-order would set you back 195.95 cents. Ouch.

Mega Man Hoodie 3

If the “MegaJacket” manages to achieve the number of pre-orders (and don’t get us wrong, it might, because it’s incredible), it’ll be coming out for sale on July 23rd, 2014. Are you getting one?

Source: Nerdgasmo

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