Mega Man Mega Buster Pillow

Don’t fall asleep on this sweet pillow based on the Blue Bomber’s trusty arm cannon.

mega man mega buster pillow image 1

All good little robots have to recharge their batteries sooner or later, and it wouldn’t surprise if among his many weapon-copying abilities that Mega Man had a soft pillowy arm cannon to rest his tried head after a long day of foiling Dr. Wily’s world dominating plans.

Now, I know what you’re pondering after imagining such a cute thing – correct, Gravity Falls is an awesome show, but that’s not it – is there a real world version that I might be able to purchase? Yes to the first half of that question and no to the second.

Yes, in that available via Capcom’s Japanese website, pre-orders are being taken for a ¥6,090 (about $60 USD) Mega Man Mega Buster arm pillow – with matching Blue Bomber helmet – that, as envisioned, can be used as a cuddly, cool head rester. D’aww!

mega man mega buster pillow image 2

Here’s the bad news I was alluding to though, there’s no signs yet that it will be made available in North America. Maddening, I know. But if you must, check your favorite Japanese import shop to see if you can somehow snag one for yourself.

I’ll understand the temptation to do so mates, it’s incredibly adorable. And if you want more incredibly adorable things, guitars shaped as Star War’s ships, or a computer program that can play Super Mario Bros., then keep it here with