Nano-rific – eCapcom Introduces Nanoblock Mega Man Sets

Check out these cute micro-sized building blocks based on Megaman and friends.

Nanoblock Megaman image 1

Is there a word beyond cute I can use to describe these new Nanoblock sets featuring Capcom’s popular cherubic robot hero? Because I feel I might need to invent one for such an occasion; seriously, my eye’s have to be shielded by special cute-absorbing lenses.

Both Megaman and his scissors-flinging rival Cutman will be the first of hopefully many Nanoblock sets that will be available via Capcom’s online shop in Japan this October for price of ¥1,890 each, which is about $19.25 USD.

Nanoblock Megaman full set image 2

Each one comes with a boss host of configurable parts as you can see; Megaman for example has his familiar E-Tank and blaster pellets, and Cutman with his own catered accessories like his flying scissor-blades and mini stage thugs.

As their name implies, Nanoblocks are tinier than your average building block, but what they lack in size they make up in their adorable stature and impeccable detail. In fact, I totally recommend visiting their website to get a sampling of how cool their sets are.

Nanoblock Cutman full set image 1

Most likely you probably haven’t heard of the Nanoblock toy line here in the states, but here’s hoping with the instant brand awareness that comes with the Megaman name (hopefully before Capcom squanders it all), the company can get some well deserved attention.

Of course, they’ll have to come to North America first – again, they’re Japan only for the time being. So, I dunno, maybe you should email or “the Facebooks” Nanoblock to bring the set across the Pacific. In a civil, well-mannered way, obviously!

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