Mercedes Benz Augmented Reality Navigation System

Audi and VW’s AR car manuals are an innovation in the auto world, but they only appeal to iPhone and iPad users. Mercedes’ in-car AR navigation system, on the other hand, will enable anyone who owns select models to pay more attention while behind the wheel.

Mercedes seems to have a more logical approach when it comes to pairing its products with augmented reality tech. Not all drivers own an iPhone or an iPad, but all of them would most likely appreciate some help to get to their destination safe and quickly. Daimler AG’s augmented reality navigation system will be implemented in the dashboard of Mercedes cars to provide drivers with directions and street signs found in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.

The German automaker will reveal the In-Vehicle Infotainment System on October 10 in Munich, even though the world had to chance to take a glimpse at this technology at CES 2012, when Mercedes showcased its Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience (DICE) research project. However, the InsideAR conference that will host this premiere seems to be a better chance of showing how new technologies could be introduced into our lives to simplify our everyday tasks.

Unlike DICE, which displayed all sorts of information on the dashboard, from street names and directions to social media updates, the In-Vehicle Infotainment System will take advantage of Mercedes’ SplitView technology. This means that the driver will be able to see driving related information, while the passenger will get the chance to see points of interest and other such things.

AR-equipped cars will roll on streets in a not-so-distant future. In fact, in an interview for TechHive, Mark Boyadjis of IHS stated: “Augmented video systems could come [before windshield HUD] and with wider adoption, but this will take a very reliable forward-facing camera and a very hefty map database—one with 3D point cloud mapping that can show the real environment, if the camera system cannot perform, due to rain, snow, and other factors. Our expectations are that the first real AR system will launch in 2015 on a production vehicle, and then by 2023 surpass 2.1 million annual sales worldwide.”

It’s safe to assume that augmented reality navigation systems will only be offered in the beginning only as an optional extra. It may also come as a default feature on the more expensive Mercedes cars, but this is simply an assumption.

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