Metal Gear Solid smartwatch: not exactly nanomachines

With all the wearables coming out as of late, it’s time to up the ante for us geeks and start personalizing these new toys to our liking. On this occasion, with a Metal Gear Solid theme.

Metal Gear Solid smartwatch 1

Facepro user njdom24 created a fantastic skin for the Moto 360 smartwatch that changes the display to look as if it was a codec conversation from Metal Gear Solid, one of the definitive games for the PS1. We also aren’t exactly sold on the idea of smartphones, but this is doing wonders to change our mind. Let’s hope we don’t have to have our heartbeat reach zero to hear it yell “Snake? Snake?! Snaaaaaaaaake!”

Metal Gear Solid smartwatch 2

In case you’re one of the proud owners of a Moto 360, head over to njdom24’s page and download your version. And in case you don’t, stay with us and we’ll wait for the nanomachines together.

Via Destructoid

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