Microsoft Band: it exists, and it is grand

The internet was abuzz with leaks, mentions and concepts for Microsoft’s new fitness tracker / smartwatch. Turns out, it was real after all, and called Band.

Microsoft Band 1

We had been talking about Microsoft releasing their own wrist hardware, allegedly a smartwatch in the past. Yet, what came to light today was something else entirely. The Microsoft Band got officially announced, and it’s so very interesting as it is a 10-sensor fitness tracker that costs just one cent below $200.

Band will more than track your heart rate, as it also keeps track of sun exposure thanks to its UV sensor, stress via another one (a galvanic skin response one), and also has a built-in GPS amongst other goodies. The band is only 18.5-millimeter long, made of “thermal plastic elastomer”, and sports a small touchscreen capable of 320 x 106 resolution in 1.4-inches. The benefits of this? The battery life is really long, and it can go for a couple of days without needing to recharge.

Microsoft Band 2

Just like a smartwatch, the Band is capable of giving the user notifications for e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, and similar social media, but the focus is clearly the health side of things. Microsoft’s attempt is to measure the users data so they can use it to their advantage: for example, does a certain breakfast make you run faster? That’s the literal example they give. They made this video to explain what we’re up for.

Via Gizmodo

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